Terms & Conditions

My Tax Back Terms & Conditions

1. My Tax Back (www.mytaxback.ie) is a trading name for the services of My Tax Back Ltd.

2. My Tax Back guarantees that it will use its best endeavours to claim any due refund of income tax for people who have worked in Ireland, and who avail of its services.

3. My Tax Back will claim the maximum refund amount possible based on the information and documentation provided by its customers and subject to the legal entitlements and obligations of the customer within the prevailing tax laws of Ireland.

4. Where there is a change to the applicable tax laws or in the interpretation or implementation of the rules and laws by the tax authorities in Ireland, My Tax Back will meet its undertaking to claim the refund to the degree allowed by the law, interpretation and implementation by the tax authorities. The decision of the exact value of any refund due or amount owed is the decision of the relevant tax authorities (Revenue Commissioners of Ireland).

5. Depending on the authorisation given by the customer, any tax refund due to the customer: may be sent by the relevant tax authority (Revenue Commissioners of Ireland) directly to the customer at the address provided to the tax authorities or by electronic transfer directly to the customer’s bank account: or may be transferred by the relevant tax authority directly to My Tax Back by electronic funds transfer to our bank account. In this case My Tax Back will refund the customer the refund less the fee plus vat due to My Tax Back, by cheque sent to the address provided to My Tax Back or electronic transfer directly to the customer’s bank account.

6. My Tax Back is not responsible for the refund of tax where;

I. the customer has provided information which is false, inaccurate, incorrect, insufficient or misleading in any way;

II. the customer has already received a tax refund, for the period in question;

III. the customer has already applied for a tax refund, either directly or through another person, natural or legal;

IV. the customer owes money to the tax authority;

V. the tax authority has different information on its system to that provided by the customer;

VI. the tax authority information leads to a decision that the customer is not due a refund.

7. When the customer signs the tax agent authorisation form permitting My Tax Back to represent them with the tax authorities and to claim his/her refunds, he/she is agreeing to pay the fee to My Tax Back for organising any refund due.

I. The fee is based on 10% of the refund amount (plus vat) for each refund received by the customer for PAYE refunds. A minimum charge of €24.00 (plus vat) is payable on each refund attributable to individual clients.

II. The fee is due to My Tax Back upon receipt of the refund from the tax authorities.

III. Clients requesting a Tax Clearance Certificate will be charged €25 (plus vat).

IV. Additional charges may apply, for example, where a payment needs to be reissued, or for a bank transfer to a non-EU bank account. Full details of any additional costs will be advised at the time, and are available by contacting info@mytaxback.ie.

V. My Tax Back’s fees are subject to change and will be announced on the My Tax Back website 30 days in advance of the new effective date.

8. In circumstances when it is agreed that an My Tax Back client has requested a review directly from the Revenue Commissioners and failed to remove My Tax Back bank account details from their profile, a €12.00 + VAT administrative charge will be deducted by My Tax Back for each refund processed.

I. In circumstances where a client does not respond to My Tax Back’s emails or texts about their tax refund, a yearly administration fee of €12.00 + VAT will be deducted from their refund, and will be charged on the last day of each tax year (December 31st).

9. Once authorised and registered as your tax agent with the relevant tax authority (Revenue Commissioners of Ireland), all correspondence regarding your tax application must be handled directly by My Tax Back. Any measure taken by you, the customer, to make direct contact with the tax office without first consulting with My Tax Back, could jeopardise the refund due to you and will absolve My Tax Back of any responsibility or accountability for the outcome of the refund claim.

10. You, the customer, may at any time, revoke your authorisation to My Tax Back to act as your tax agent by emailing info@mytaxback.ie.

11. My Tax Back will automatically review the customer’s taxes each year for potential refunds, unless specifically requested by the customer, in writing, not to continue with this service.

12. All correspondence to the customer will be sent to the postal address or e-mail address provided by the customer on the tax agent authorisation form. Customers should check their mail/e-mail regularly for correspondence from My Tax Back or the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland.

13. My Tax Back does not issue estimates of refunds due. all refund amounts are agreed with Revenue prior to confirmation with customers.

14. My Tax Back will advise current customers of all new refunds that they may be entitled to as and when information becomes available from the relevant tax authorities.

15. From time to time My Tax Back may amend or add to these terms and conditions should the need arise. Such changes will be posted on the My Tax Back web-site under “terms and conditions” and customers are advised to check the website regularly to receive these updates.

16. The submission of an authorisation form to My Tax Back by web, post, hand, fax, or e-mail constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions, including amendments thereto, by the customer.

17. My Tax Back ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential. please see My Tax Back privacy policy document on our website or click on privacy policy for further information.

18. Should the customer at any time like to query the quality of service delivered by My Tax Back, he/she is invited to e-mail us at info@mytaxback.ie. We will guarantee that the e-mail is responded to within 72 hours.