What Can I Claim

There is a range of tax credits and reliefs that we will check if you are eligible to claim back, most of them you’ve probably never heard of before!

Tax Credits
Medical Expenses
Dental Work
Redundancy Payments
Rent Relief

Tax reliefs
Flat rate expenses
Registration Fees
Home Carer’s
Incapacitated Individual Incapacitated Child
Dependent Relative Tax rebate for Tuition Fees
Married persons

Claiming back overpaid tax:
There are many situations where you may have overpaid tax on your earnings, such as your employer putting you on the wrong tax code or if you only worked for part of a year. My Tax Back will review the tax you have paid over the last 4 years and claim any refunds that may be due.

Claiming back overpaid USC
At My Tax Back, we check for refunds of USC for many things such as for any overpayments due to working more than one job or only working part of the year. If you earned under €12,012 in 2016, you are not liable for USC. However, if your weekly income is above a certain amount, Revenue can automatically believe you earn this level of income all year round and deduct USC accordingly which means you end up being overcharged USC. So if you only worked for part of the year during the last 4 years make sure you fill in My Tax Backs online form so we can get it back for you!

Claiming back work-related expenses:
Many of you will know that you can claim expenses for tools, work uniforms and other things that are a direct cost of your employment.
There are over 200 occupations that can claim back these expenses such as builders, plumbers, nurses, dentists and many more.
Refunds vary for each job type but range from €20 – €500 so over the last 4 years that could amount to up to €2,000!
Just fill in your occupation into our online form and we will check what tax credits you can claim.

Third level education fees:
Tax relief can be claimed on fees that you have paid for third level education courses. Tuition fees, including the student contribution fee, qualify for this relief.
It doesn’t matter if you are the student, or if you pay the fees on the student’s behalf, you can still claim tax relief.

Currently, there is no tax relief for examination fees, registration fees or administration fees.
For a full list of eligible public colleges, universities and institutions please click here.