What Can I Claim

What can I claim for?

Most employees in Ireland pay tax through the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system, where your employer deducts tax directly from your wages for Revenue.

Every PAYE worker gets tax credits, which include reliefs you may be able to claim depending on your circumstances.

Even if you’ve left the country but have worked in Ireland within the last 4 years or you only worked part of the year, you can still claim!

There are lots of occupations that can claim for flat rate expenses such as:

Healthcare staff
Bar staff
Public servants
Retail staff

Restaurant Staff
Hotel staff
Army Personnel

Veterinary Nurses
Bus Drivers
Train Drivers
Defence Forces
Home Help

There are just too many occupations to list so why not fill out our quick and easy online form here and find out if you are due a tax refund!

What can I claim for?

Claiming back overpaid tax:

There are many situations where you may have over paid tax on your earnings, such as your employer putting you on the wrong tax code or if you only worked for part of a year. My Tax Back will review the tax you have paid over the last 4 years and claim any refunds that may be due.

There is a range of tax credits and reliefs that we will check if you are eligible to claim back, most of them you’ve probably never heard of before!

Tax Reliefs

  • Medical Expenses
  • Non-routine Dental Expenses
  • Home Renovation Incentive Schemes
  • Mortgage Interest Relief
  • Rent Relief
  • Redundancy Payments

Tax Credits

  • Single/Married/Civil Partner Credits
  • Widow/Widowers Credits
  • Employee Credits
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Single Parent Family Credit
  • Incapacitated Child Credit
  • Age Tax Credit
  • Dependent Relative Credit
  • Home Carer Credit
  • Medical Insurance
  • Tax Rebate for Tuition Fees
  • Incapacitated Individual
  • Flat Rate Expenses
  • Guide Dog Allowance
  • Return to Work Credit

Claiming back overpaid USC

At My Tax Back, we check for refunds of USC for many things such as for any overpayments due to working more than one job or only working part of the year. If you earned under €12,012 in 2016, you are not liable for USC. However, if your weekly income is above a certain amount, Revenue can automatically believe you earn this level of income all year round and deduct USC accordingly which means you end up being overcharged USC. So, if you only worked for part of the year during the last 4 years make sure you fill in My Tax Backs online form so we can get it back for you!

Claiming back work-related expenses:

Many of you will know that you can claim expenses for tools, work uniforms and other things that are a direct cost of your employment.

There are over 200 occupations that can claim back these expenses such as builders, plumbers, nurses, dentists and many more.

Just fill in your occupation into our online form and we will check what tax credits you can claim.

Medical Expenses

Click here for more information on Medical Expenses

What does it cost?

My Tax Back will review your tax on a no refund, no charge basis. This means that we won’t charge you anything to review your tax, we will only charge our fees is we successfully claim a refund for our client.

My Tax Back Fees are 10% + VAT subject to a minimum fee of €24 + VAT

We endeavour to claim back the maximum possible refund for all our clients, based on the information provided.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill in our online form today, or print, sign and post the form back to us at the address shown below to claim your refund:

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